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April 9, 2024
Google EEAT

Geneva web agency Exponent presents Google EEAT

The Geneva Exponent web agency supports digital players in their strategic and technical development.

Be aware that the digital world is evolving rapidly, and updates to the Google algorithm can impact the visibility of your website.

Our team constantly monitors the latest trends and supports you in adapting your digital strategy accordingly.

Our objective is also to guarantee you an optimal and lasting digital presence. We offer you personalized and transparent support to help you navigate and undertake with peace of mind in the complex world of Serps and digital marketing.

…Now let’s get to the heart of the matter of EEAT

EEAT, an acronym for Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is a central concept in the world of natural referencing.

Mastering its ins and outs is crucial to optimizing your SEO strategy and climbing the Google search results.

If you are familiar with SEO, EAT (Expertise, Authority and Reliability) is probably familiar to you.

This concept was already included in Google's guidelines for Quality Raters. However, on December 15, 2022, Google updated its guidelines and expanded the acronym to EEAT, adding Experience to the equation.

What is EEAT really?

EEAT (Expertise, Experience, Authority, Reliability) makes up Google's fundamental principles for web content. It allows Google to determine the value of content for Internet users and, therefore, its positioning in search results.

Google's goal is clear: to provide the best possible answer to each query in order to increase the use and adoption of its search engine, the main source of revenue for Alphabet, its parent company.

The concept of EAT was first introduced in 2014 in the Search Quality Guidelines, now called Google Search Essentials. In December 2022, the acronym was expanded to EEAT to include the notion of Trustworthiness.

What should an SEO expert from a web agency in Geneva do on the EEAT?

The EEAT encourages SEO professionals to focus on four key aspects:

1. The Content Creator Experience:

  • Does he have in-depth knowledge of the subject covered?

  • Does he have practical experience in the field?

  • Is he recognized as an expert by his peers?

2. The creator's expertise:

  • Do they have the skills and qualifications necessary to create quality content?

  • Has he followed specific training?

  • Is he capable of popularizing complex concepts?

3. The authority of the creator, content and website:

  • Is the creator a reference in his field?

  • Is the content cited by other reliable sources?

  • Does the website have a good reputation?

4. The reliability of the creator, content and website:

  • Is the content accurate and verifiable?

  • Is the website secure and does it protect user data?

  • Is the creator transparent about their intentions and affiliations?

By focusing their efforts on these four pillars, SEO professionals can improve the quality of their content and websites, and thus obtain better positioning in search results.

Important note: Regarding the translation of the EEAT "criteria", the term "experience" can also be translated as "creator authenticity" (even if the letter A does not correspond to the E in the acronym). As for “trust”, which has been translated here as “reliability”, it could also be rendered as “confidence” or “relevance”. The rest of the article will enlighten you on these different nuances.

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Let’s dissect the word EEAT

What does the first letter “E”xperience mean?

marketing strategy

This letter actually means the experience of the content author but not that of the user. It demonstrates his ability to master the subjects he deals with.

Google can thus know the author's preferred field and assess the impact and added value of the content they share daily with Internet users.

However, an author who has the gift of creating rich and engaging content for his readers does not mean that he is an expert in his field.

What does the second “E”xpertise mean?

The author must master the concretization of the subject he is talking about? That’s what the second letter “E”xpertise means.

Example :

Although the explanation of the concept of EEAT does not come from direct experience, our years spent studying SEO algorithms generally give us some relevance in areas related to natural SEO.

Of course, this level of expertise cannot be generalized to all areas. Could you trust us to explain how to commission a nuclear reactor? Exponent hopes not.

So, what are the secrets to becoming an “expert”? Well, it definitely requires practice, but also sharing. No matter how good you are in your field, if no one knows about it, it won't do you any good. To achieve expert status, it is crucial to produce content that captures your audience's attention and meets their needs.

Of course, an expert will know how to adjust their language and tone in the content they produce to match the maturity of their audience.

What does the letter “A” uthoritativeness mean?

Being an expert who shares your knowledge is one thing, but being recognized as such is the pinnacle. Authority comes from recognition. In other words, it shows up when other experts and influencers in your field mention you, or when your “brand” becomes synonymous with the topics you cover.

This principle refers to the concept of links. Indeed, links are perceived as “votes”, indications of authority referring to your site. So, backlinks from authoritative sites in similar fields will have a significant impact on your authority recognition.

While links are essential, any mentions in the media and other relevant sites can also build your authority, as can shares of your content on social media.

Also, don’t forget the importance of your brand. The more people search for your “brand” on Google (ideally associated with relevant keywords), the more it demonstrates your authority.

Finally, there is the Wikipedia page dedicated to your expertise and/or your brand. However, its creation is not as simple as one might think.

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What does the letter “T”rust mean?

Trust, literally, is the linchpin of E-A-T according to Google, as they state in their updated December 2022 guidelines.

“Trust is the overarching aspect of the E-A-T family, as untrustworthy pages will have low E-A-T, regardless of their level of Experience, Expertise, or Apparent Authority.

For example, a page dealing with a financial scam is not reliable, even if its creator is a seasoned and expert scammer, recognized as a reference in this field! " This highlights the importance of monitoring any mention that could tarnish the reputation of your business.

For certain sectors, such as catering, reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor or LaFourchette are crucial. But don't forget about reviews on Google, Facebook and other widgets provided by services like Trustpilot.

It is therefore crucial to inspire confidence and be well established, without negative mentions about you. Here are some ways to improve your "grade":

  • Make sure you have a clear and easily accessible contact method on your site (form, phone number, etc.).

  • Associate your site with an approved physical location on Google My Business.

  • Provide easy-to-access “General Conditions” and “Privacy Policy (GDPR)” pages.

  • Guarantee the security of your domain (for example, with an SSL certificate).

  • If your platform allows transactions, clearly mention the refund and return policies (especially for e-merchants).

  • If you sell products, provide clear and detailed documentation on your site.

  • If you share informative content, like this article for example, a dedicated author page will be appreciated, especially in areas related to money and health (YMYL).

  • Also consider including links to trusted sites in your content, to demonstrate quality research work and strengthen your credibility.

If you want to discover the power of natural referencing on Google, read this article.

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