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SEO - Natural referencing

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What is natural referencing (SEO)?

Do you want to create a website or have you just created your website to sell your services or products? Do you want to highlight the strengths of your company? Creating a website is good, as long as it is well referenced.

The goal of a website is to gain visibility and reach more and more potential customers. So how can we reference it well? There are two main practices: paid referencing (SEA) and free natural referencing (SEO).

SEO lists to implement certain practices to optimize a website in order to make it gain valuable positions in search engine results.

Indeed, a website must above all be ''Google friendly'' or at least, in good health in the eyes of Google (no mistake 404, redirect error, etc.). This is why, before anything else, we start with an audit of your website.

Once the audit has been completed, we will begin to attack the optimization of your website to work on SEO. A whole procedure will follow: determination of the desired goal / area of ​​action, search for the most popular keywords, etc.
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Will my website continually rise in search results?

The answer is no. For what ? Google is always looking for websites that make current information available to the public. If you create your website and simply leave it without any ongoing maintenance/optimization, you may eventually fall in search engine rankings.

It is very important that the site is kept healthy and healthy. that the content is dynamically adapted according to the competition and this on a continuous basis. In this way, Google will continue to raise your website in the ranking of results.

Once you have reached the desired position in SEO (natural referencing), you must also continue to update it with the aim of establishing your dominant position and no longer allowing yourself to be overtaken.

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