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What is paid search engine optimization (SEA)?

Paid SEO is opposed to free natural referencing (SEO). What does that really mean? That there is a possibility of “buying your position on Google”. And yes, if you type a keyword into Google, you will see that the first results are generally what we more commonly call Google Ads.

What are Google Ads? It is an ad created by a company aiming to put the link to its website in first position to sell its products or services. Creating an advertisement via Google Ads is not as simple as it seems. Indeed, there are a multitude of parameters to adjust to best target your company's target clientele (center of interests, demographics, searched keywords, etc.).

Indeed, the more the target domain is popular, the more budget you will have to put in to be able to display your advertising. It is in a way a bidding system on certain keywords.

This is the reason why if you want to obtain an SEA SEO strategy, we do not work below a certain budget, because setting up an advertising campaign can take a certain number of hours of work. We of course take care of setting up all types of advertising on the various existing channels (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Google).

Is paid search more effective than natural search (SEO)?

We recommend opting for a mixed SEA-SEO strategy. In fact, going solely with an SEA strategy will make us dependent on Google Ads. The problem with a single SEA strategy will be that as soon as the budget is over, there will no longer be a natural flow of customers.

On the contrary, with a natural SEO strategy, a continuous flow customer will arrive on your site without having to spend exorbitant budgets.

An SEA strategy can prove to be faster in terms of results compared to an SEO strategy which takes a certain amount of time before we can see the first results (generally 6 months).

We will therefore say that both types of strategy are effective and that they depend above all on your needs in terms of results and your budget.

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