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What is UX / UI?

UX -UI concerns everything that directly or indirectly affects a user's experience in terms of interactions on a platform (web or app). We may think that building a website is easy and that the way the buttons, colors, logo, texts, images, etc. are arranged is not important.

On the contrary, It is extremely important not to neglect these different aspects when creating a new platform, because it is a real profession. This is why we have UX-UI experts in our team with experience in the field and help us create mockups in the most optimal way possible.

Why do a UX/UI audit of my platforms

We often carry out UX-UI audits and find it quite easy to show our clients how their platforms have certain flaws. A simple button placed in the wrong place, too many clicks to make the purchase, etc., are all the more parameters that can block a prospect from completing a transaction or contacting you directly. In general, after a UX-UI audit, we offer to the client to create new models for a redesign of their website or application to improve its design. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you would like to carry out a UX-UI audit on one of your platforms. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time.
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