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Connecting to third-party APIs

Our solutions allow you to integrate your payment management, wallet, communication (SMS, notification, WhatsApp), printing, etc. needs in a few minutes thanks to the API connection.

How to integrate a partner or third party's API using the API connection?

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are programming interfaces that allow applications or IT services to communicate and exchange data with each other. APIs are increasingly important these days because they help facilitate integrations between different applications and services, providing a standardized interface to access the data and functionality of an application.

In addition, a company can also make it easier to integrate new applications and services into its IT system, by providing a standardized interface for accessing company data and functionality. In short, APIs are important today because they help facilitate integrations with third-party services and partners, providing a standardized and secure interface for accessing a company's data and functionality. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time. It is with great pleasure that we will receive you.
Connecting to third-party APIs
Develop an API

Develop an API with us

  1. We generally follow the following steps to co-develop an API according to best practices:
  2. Identify API needs and goals.
  3. Discuss API details, such as features, data, and data formats.
  4. Agree on a development plan and timeline for creating the API.
  5. Develop the API using appropriate tools and technologies.
  6. Test the API to ensure it works correctly and meets user needs.
  7. Deploy the API and make it accessible to users.

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