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IT security

Setting up an internal company network is an important element in setting up IT security and security of the company's infrastructure.

Computer security: Creation of a private corporate network

A corporate network helps secure all internet communications for your business. To achieve this, it is possible to set up a virtual private network (VPN) using open source technologies such as IPSec or Wireguard.

Thanks to our expertise in VPN deployment and management, we are able to provide you with a secure network to guarantee the proper functioning of your IT infrastructure. We will support you in setting up your VPN and ensure that your network is protected against external threats. Contact us for more information about our VPN setup and management services.
5G network


Authentication and authorization are key elements of account management in an enterprise network. Authentication is the process of verifying a user's identity using credentials such as a username and password. Authorization, for its part, is the process of determining the actions that the user is authorized to perform on network resources based on their rights and privileges.

Authentication and Authorization are typically managed by a directory server that stores user credentials and their access rights to network resources. When a user wants to access a network resource, they must first authenticate with the directory server to verify their identity. The directory server then checks the user's credentials and allows or denies access based on the user's access rights.

Thanks to our expertise in deploying solutions such as teleport, you can easily have a view of all communications within your infrastructure. This allows you to manage authentication and authorization more effectively, and protect your data from unauthorized users. Contact us to learn more about our authentication and authorization solution deployment services. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time.

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