API Gateway

APIs help accelerate the development of your teams. API Gateway solutions help improve the management of multiple APIs and detect issues before they affect all of your users.

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API Gateway

What are the advantages of an API gateway?

An API gateway is generally implemented to improve the management and interoperability of IT applications and services. An API gateway is software that helps manage and control access to a company's Application Programming Interface (API), providing features such as user management, secure transactions, performance monitoring and management. errors.

By using an API gateway solution, a company can centralize the management of its APIs and provide a single, secure point of access to the various services and applications of its IT system. This can enable it to facilitate the integration of new applications and new services into its IT architecture, by offering a standardized and secure interface for accessing APIs.

Increase the speed of your development with Exponent thanks to API gateways.

We have developed several internal solutions to connect and link multiple APIs together requiring as little code as possible. This declarative approach is similar to no-code solutions allowing each of your teams to develop interfaces independently, then federate them together with user control, requests and excellent visibility. More advanced modules such as integration with OAuth services are also possible. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time. We will often have examples to show you in this area concerning the different projects that we have been able to implement with our clients over the past years.
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