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Data visualization (data viz)

Data visualization allows you to graphically represent data to make it easier to analyze and understand. It is used to highlight trends, relationships or patterns in data, as well as to clearly and concisely communicate results or decisions.

What data to visualize when visualizing data?

Virtually all of your data can be visualized in a way that makes your decision making easier. Whether it is your sales, your conversion rate or your customer satisfaction rate, it is important to highlight this information in the form of dashboards.

Similarly, spatial data, such as location geographic location of your customers or your points of sale, can be visualized on a map for a better understanding of this data.

Good visualization of your data will allow you to quickly understand the state of the situation and to make the appropriate decisions for your business.

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Data Visualization
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How do I view my data?

There are many data visualization tools that allow you to create dashboards quickly and easily. These tools allow you to connect directly to your data warehouse and create dashboards from their graphical interface. Among these tools, we can cite Tableau, Metabase or Apache Superset.

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