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How to set up IT Asset Management?

In addition to establishing an accurate inventory of your computer equipment, it is important to constantly monitor the proper functioning of your devices using computer asset management software.

Use an MDM

An MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a data mobility management system. This is software that allows businesses to manage mobile devices used by their employees, such as smartphones and laptops. MDM allows businesses to configure and secure these devices, manage the applications installed on them, and track data usage. The goal is to ensure that sensitive company data is protected and that employees can work effectively with their mobile devices.

In addition, an MDM helps prevent loss of sensitive data. With MDM, the company can secure these devices by imposing strict access controls, encrypting the data stored on these devices, and managing the applications installed on them. MDM also helps locate and lock devices in the event of loss or theft, preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing company data. In short, MDM helps protect sensitive company data against the risks associated with the use of mobile devices.
Mobile Device Management
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Our experience at Exponent in IT asset management

Among the different MDMs available on the market, such as Jamf, Kandji or Mosyle, at Exponent, we have expertise in managing Mac IT assets via Mosyle software. Thanks to this software, we have already managed to successfully manage IT parks ranging from 50 to 200 employees. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time.

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