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We research and deploy the best Open Source Solutions for your business. This allows you to have support on demand throughout your project and to concentrate on the essentials.

Why choose solutions like these?

Open source solutions are free software whose source code is open and accessible to everyone. This means that anyone can use, study, modify and redistribute the software, provided they comply with the terms of the applicable open source license.

By opting for this strategy, a company can save on costs software licenses, while benefiting from quality software, well documented and supported by an active community. Open source solutions are also modular and flexible, allowing a company to customize them to meet its specific needs.
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The best of Open Source thanks to our expertise

We configure, maintain and secure the solutions of your choice on your infrastructure or as a managed service. For example, we can offer you the following software:

  • GitLab: it is source code management and collaboration software for developers. It allows you to create Git repositories to host and manage projects, write and share code, monitor project progress and collaborate with other developers.

  • Grafana: It is an open source data visualization tool used to display key performance indicators (KPIs) in a graphical and interactive manner. It allows developers to monitor and analyze the performance of their applications in real time.

  • Elasticsearch: It is an open source search engine used to store, index and query structured or unstructured data. It is often used by developers to create fast and efficient search applications.

  • Postgres: It is an open source relational database management system used to store and manage structured data. It is appreciated by developers for its flexibility, power and reliability.

  • Metabase: It is an open source software for data analysis that allows developers to create dashboards and query databases to gain valuable insights for their project.
  • Redis: It is an open source in-memory database that allows storing and manipulating data in real time. Developers often use it for web or mobile applications that require high responsiveness and low latency.

  • Prometheus: it is an open source monitoring system that allows developers to monitor and alert in the event of problems with their applications. It provides functionality for collecting, storing and visualizing metrics.

  • Sentry: It is an open source software for monitoring and diagnosing errors in applications. Developers use it to detect and correct problems quickly and efficiently.

Put in a gallery or other visualization, the logos of the open source solutions mentioned on the contact button. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time.

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