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CiCd Pipeline

CICD pipeline

A CICD pipeline (or continuous production line and continuous delivery) is an automated process that allows code to be built, tested and deployed in a repeatable and reliable manner. Typically, a CICD pipeline is used for software projects to ensure that the code is of high quality and works correctly in production. CICD pipelines are often used in conjunction with version management tools to manage different versions of code, as well as automated testing tools to ensure that the code works as expected.

Exponent experience in IT Configuration

At Exponent, we focus on automating deployments. Our teams are experts in using CICD pipelines to deploy software quickly and reliably. Additionally, our internal infrastructure is fully automated, allowing us to offer valuable expertise to our clients. With our automation skills, we can ensure efficient, high-quality deployments for our customers. Do not hesitate to come see us at our offices at Geneva to explain your project or ideas to us at any time.
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