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With multiple clients and numerous projects, your web agency needs the best possible software to help you stay on track.

We are happy to help you, and in this article, we share the best project management software for digital agencies.

If you are responsible for managing another company's brand, it is crucial that you have all the tools necessary to carry out the work your agency has been hired to do.

From short-term campaigns to large-scale projects, there are many services available to help you stay on track.

To give you a helping hand, our experts review the best project management software for digital agencies.

What makes the best project management software for a web agency?

In creating this list of the best project management tools, we took into account the priorities of digital agencies and marketing teams.

Our list of the best project management software for the best web agencies includes

  • monday.com

  • ClickUp

  • Wrike

  • Concept

  • Hive

They all offer different project management features that promote team collaboration, spark creativity, and provide space to build out all your project schedules.

The 5 Best Project Management Software Options for Creative Agencies

Now that you've had a glimpse of what to expect, it's time to move on to the main course.

Below, we'll break down each of the project management tools and show you their strengths, as well as a few areas where the software could improve.

We'll also share links to each of our reviews, so you can make the best informed choice before committing to a service.


monday.com is a project management system that seems to have no limits in terms of what it can do.

Project managers are attracted to the platform because of its support for over 200 integrations, including everything from digital whiteboards to mass survey management, which is perfect for managing marketing projects.

The software offers many project templates specifically designed for those working on creative projects.

There is a template that helps you manage multiple client projects, allowing you to:

  • to follow potential prospects,

  • to track expenses,

  • integrate with popular marketing tools like Hubspot and Mailchimp.

Traditional project management features, including:

  • Gantt charts,

  • Kanban boards,

  • calendars,

are all available with monday.com.

Pro plan users can also take advantage of resource allocation features, giving you a simplified view of which team members can handle more work and which could benefit from additional support.

There's very little to complain about about monday.com, which is why it's our favorite project management platform for almost any type of user.


We have often praised ClickUp as one of the best cheap project management software platforms.

The good news is that it is also a powerful project management tool despite its affordable price, offering the same key features as other more expensive solutions.

A key feature is the ability to invite external guests to view project dashboards.

This is a great way:

  • to show your clients everything you are working on,

  • to allow them to follow progress,

  • get their feedback to ensure they are happy with the project schedule.

You can also decide which internal users can invite guests and which cannot.

Another benefit of using ClickUp is the mind map tool. This particular view allows you to see everything you're working on, making it easier to track projects and identify how you and your team are progressing on individual tasks.

Because of the easy-to-understand view of all of your work, mind maps can make it easier to generate new ideas and evaluate which direction you should direct your attention to increase productivity in certain areas of the project.

Other ClickUp tools include a document creator, up to 11 different project views to help you manage tasks, and a built-in chat tool for team communication.

Those on a paid plan also unlock unlimited file storage.


In terms of design, Wrike may not be the most inspiring project management system, especially for those working within a marketing team.

However, one of our main project management tips is to never judge a system solely on how it looks, but rather on how well it works.

When it comes to functionality, Wrike is right up there with the best, and there are several reasons why marketing agencies should consider using the platform.

Wrike can serve as a digital asset management (DAM) solution, creating a space where you can keep all of your digital assets such as photos, videos, and marketing materials.

In the DAM, it is also possible to edit your digital files, share them with other team members, and have completed work approved by key decision-makers.

Wrike is one of the most effective project management software options for resource management.

It comes with a dedicated time tracking tool, so team members can document the number of hours they worked and bill accordingly.

It also offers the ability to generate intuitive resource charts that give you a nice overview of how you manage the workload within your team.

Once again, Wrike's biggest flaw is its appearance, as the design is like a gray, gloomy day. If you can get past it, it's a great all-around management program.


Notion is a platform like the pot of the world of project management software. Some users think it's the best thing since sliced bread, while others aren't convinced by the hype.

We're somewhere in the middle, and we can certainly see why this would be an attractive option for creative teams and digital agencies.

The software is very good for collaboration, both with internal and external users, because you can:

– invite customers to consult,

  • approve

– modify work items.

For better client management, you can control which users can access certain work items, ensuring client privacy within your client base.

There is also a native document creator. It's pretty basic, but it's a good tool for brainstorming ideas and developing content for marketing campaigns.

You also have several marketing templates to help you get started quickly with project planning.

With them you can:

  • create a list of commercial content,

  • develop a social media strategy,

  • create space to store your digital assets such as client logos and other forms of branding.

These are the templates that make Notion perhaps the best project management software for marketing agencies.

For large web agencies that have different teams working on separate parts of a project, you can take advantage of what Notion calls “teamspaces.”

This feature allows you to create different team spaces within a larger workspace, ensuring that team members can easily access their work without being distracted by other parts of the project.

Our only complaint with Notion is that it lacks some popular project management tools:

  • Gantt charts are missing,

  • sprint boards for those who like to use Agile methodologies.

They're not essential, so if you don't need them, Notion should probably meet most of your needs.


Feature-wise, Hive is one of the most comprehensive project management platforms we've had the pleasure of using.

It also has many additional features that you can install, giving you full control over how you want to use this project management tool.

Most add-ons are only available on paid plans, and if you're a digital agency, the free version probably won't be enough.

There are several useful features to help you manage projects, such as the ability to create recurring tasks to minimize tedious tasks.

Users can also set task dependencies, a feature that helps identify what steps need to be taken before a larger task can be completed.

Hive is a project management solution that promotes communication. It has a built-in messaging app that you can use for direct messages and group messages. It works great and, in our experience, is a credible alternative to Slack.

Zoom users will likely appreciate the built-in integration that makes Zoom calls easier; you don't even need to leave the Hive platform.

Your clients can track the progress of the project, and they will receive a notification every time a change is made to a task or the project moves to the next stage. You can also customize notifications, ensuring customers only receive the updates they need.


nTask may lack the creative flare that digital agencies typically seek, but what it does offer are effective tools for project tracking, team collaboration, and day-to-day task management.

Kanban boards and Gantt charts are available, and you can assign tasks to multiple team members if more than one person is working on a specific task.

Budget management is an integral part of project planning, and for the finance section of your team, there are some key features to help you stay on top of costs.

There is a budget tracker, so you can constantly track income and expenses, and there is a budget planner, so you can estimate the likely cost of a project, allowing you to provide quotes to your clients .

The software integrates with several popular third-party applications, including:

  • Google Calendar,


  • Microsoft Teams.

nTask also integrates with popular workflow automation tool Zapier, and you can automatically create tasks, to-do lists, and record time tracking information.

With its comprehensive suite of features and wide range of integrations, nTask is an all-in-one solution for project management; moreover, it is very easy to use. Navigating between the different functions can seem a bit tedious, but overall the user experience is positive.


Airtable is another user-friendly project management software option that is easy on the eyes.

It is a project management tool that focuses heavily on creating databases, but it can be used for any type of task management.

Its versatility means users can strategize long-term marketing projects and also use Airtable to develop content ideas for brands and products.

We particularly like what Airtable calls “interface designer”. This feature allows you to design beautiful project templates, even if you have no programming experience.

You can use the interface designer to track client retention, employee performance or as a space to develop and manage your agency's video content – the possibilities truly seem endless.

For traditional project management, users have access to:

  • a Kanban board,

  • a calendar view,

  • Gantt charts,

  • a list view for those who prefer a basic task management tool to manage their workload.

All of these features are easy to use, and thanks to Airtable's clean and minimal user interface, creative teams will undoubtedly enjoy using the software.

Airtable is a little more expensive than some of the other options, and it's not necessarily better than what's been mentioned.

Those on the Enterprise plan get a dedicated account manager for support, but that's not unique to Airtable.

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