Why should a web SEO agency adjust its action plan with AI ?

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March 19, 2024
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Why should a web SEO agency adjust its action plan with AI?

Google continues to evolve, and its use of artificial intelligence (AI) takes your search experience to new heights. Let's dive into the latest advances that make Google your ultimate ally in the quest for information.

1. BERT: A Revolution in Language Understanding

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When you run a search, understanding your query precisely is essential. Google has reached a new milestone with BERT, a revolutionary AI system. Now, every English query benefits from this technology, ensuring more relevant results than ever.

2. Goodbye Typos: An Advanced Spelling Algorithm

Spelling will no longer be an obstacle to your research. Thanks to a new algorithm based on deep neural networks, Google significantly improves its ability to decipher typos. A major step forward for a seamless search experience.

3. Specific Passages: Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Specific queries are often problematic, but Google has found the solution. By indexing not only web pages, but also specific passages, it becomes easier to find the exact answer to your question. A revolutionary technology that will soon be available for all languages.

4. Abundant Sub-Topics: More Relevant Content

Google now uses deep neural networks to identify subtopics related to a general query. You type in “home exercise equipment” and discover a variety of content, from inexpensive machines to premium options. More choice, more relevance.

5. Essential Information in Times of Covid

In these uncertain times, Google is making your navigation easier. On Google Maps, discover the level of attendance at establishments in real time and crucial information related to COVID-19. Thanks to Duplex technology, establishments can update their schedules and availability online.

6. Key Moments in Videos: Easy Navigation

Google's AI isn't just for text search. By analyzing the semantic structure of videos, Google identifies key moments. You can navigate through the videos like a book, making it easier to find a specific step in a recipe or a decisive moment in a match.

7. In-Depth Data: Precise Answers to Your Questions

Google goes beyond percentages by using natural language processing to extract specific data from the billions of points in Data Commons. Ask complex questions about GDP growth rate, and get clear, visual answers with this innovative approach.

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8. Quality Journalism: Pinpoint at the Service of Journalists

For journalists looking for information, Pinpoint is a godsend. Integrated with Journalist Studio, this tool uses the power of Google to search thousands of documents, automatically identifying the most mentioned people, organizations and places. A major step forward for investigative journalism.

9. Visual Experience with Google Lens and AR

Google Lens and augmented reality take on a new dimension. From step-by-step homework help to visual shopping experiences, Google gives you new ways to learn, shop, and experience the world.

10. Voice Search: Say Goodbye to Lost Words

Voice search becomes more intuitive with Google. Now, just hum to find a song, take a photo to search, or dictate to get results. Google makes searching as easy as singing your favorite song.

Google Search remains unrivaled through its commitment to innovation, AI, privacy, and universal accessibility. These latest advances confirm that Google continues to push the boundaries to make your search experience as efficient as possible.

11. Natural SEO agency: unleash the power of AI to tame the Serps

Dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI) and discover how it can take your SEO strategy to new heights. From content generation to page auditing, explore the multiple ways AI and SEO dance together for an unparalleled user experience.

1. Content Generation: ChatGPT at Your Service

AI chat

AI is revolutionizing writing with ChatGPT, a chatbot capable of generating text on virtually any topic. Imagine asking your new virtual assistant to create an outline for a report on the pillars of SEO or come up with compelling content ideas. A quick and efficient way to supply your site with relevant texts.

2. Simplified Page Audit: YourTextGuru, Semrush, Ahrefs to the Rescue

AI is not limited to writing, it also evaluates the relevance of your content. Tools like YourTextGuru, Semrush, and Ahrefs can audit your site, analyze your competitors' SEO strategy, and highlight the levers to stand out from the crowd. Transform your SEO approach by leveraging these powerful tools.

3. How AI works in SEO: The Harmonious Dance

Understanding how AI works in SEO is essential. For years, Google has used algorithms to rank sites, and AI, such as RankBrain, introduced in 2015, improves understanding of user queries. Immerse yourself in the harmonious dance between Google robots and artificial intelligence to deliver ever more relevant results.

4. Limits of AI: Humans Remain in Control

For all its prowess, AI has its limits. Text generation may lack human quality, and its isolation deprives it of deduction, learning, and emotional reasoning. Humans must guide the AI and ensure the veracity of the content generated to avoid pitfalls.

5. Perfect Alliance: How to Use AI Strategically

AI and SEO can form a perfect alliance when humans guide the tool. Before letting AI generate content, do thorough keyword research to define relevant queries. The more precisely you guide the AI, the more it will meet expectations, creating quality, unique and relevant content.

Explore the exciting world where AI and SEO meet. Take advantage of the benefits of the digital revolution without compromising the quality and relevance of your content. By wisely combining artificial intelligence with your SEO strategy, you will propel your site to the top of search results.

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